Our Mission

Our core mission is to provide supplements to those who want to good in their communities and for their planet, all while taking care of their physical and mental health.

Our Story

We create supplements and superfoods for people who care about their physical health, who care about their mental health, who care about their community’s health, and who care about our planet’s health.

Our supplements are made from ingredients that are organically grown in North America and other countries where we can trust producers to produce pure, safe, ethically harvested and manufactured ingredients. The people making our supplements are passionate, paid fairly, and work in safe working conditions.

Our Values

We believe in honouring our bodies, and taking care of them.

We believe in honouring our minds, and taking care of them.

We believe in honouring our communities, and taking care of them.

We believe in honouring our planet and taking care of it.

We believe in living intentionally, with thought and care for the people and the planet around us.

We believe in giving back, and taking responsibility for our actions.

We believe in restoring economic prosperity by supporting local supply chains.

That's why we make the supplements and superfoods that we do.

Our Founders

Taylor Davis

Taylor is a self-made entrepreneur living in Ottawa...
He helps people do cool things with cool tech.
Taylor is great.

Joshua Smith

Josh graduated Civil Eng. in 2019, then worked at Popeye's...
He thinks lifting weights is cool and that protein is sick.
Josh is alright.

Craig Applegath

As an architect, Craig has built many great structures...
He thinks that green things are cool and that buildings rock.
Craig is great.