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    4VIDA Supplements

4VIDA, for life.

We create supplements and superfoods for people who care about their physical health, who care about their mental health, who care about their community's health, and who care about our planet's health.

Fuel yourself, empower others, and live well.

Fair Trade, for life


Take care of yourself.

"The supplements I buy from 4VIDA really boost my recovery - both physically and mentally. Plus, the natural ingredients give the supplements such a wonderful, authentic flavour!"

Craig A.

Support Fair Trade Farmers

"I love 4VIDA because I know that my dollar goes towards supporting hard-working farmers, their families, and their community."

Taylor D.

Buy 4VIDA, plant trees.

"It's great that every time I buy from 4VIDA, fifteen trees are planted using funds from my purchase. The partnership with Climate Forest Company makes me feel like my contribution is making a difference!"

Josh S.

Six great ingredients. Nonsense-free.

We want you to know exactly what you're buying when you shop with us. That's why we keep our list of ingredients short and our list of benefits long.

Buy more, save more.

Our products come in one size, but you save when you buy in bulk.

We take less to give you (and our farmers) more.