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10% of Your Purchase Removes Atmospheric Carbon!

One of the main pillars of the 4VIDA philosophy is that it is our responsibility, as inhabitants of Earth, to improve Environmental Health by minimizing our negative impacts and maximizing our restorative effects on the planet. Supporting innovative, smart, and effective initiatives and organizations who are working to create these outcomes is one way we extend our impact.

That's why 4VIDA has partnered with the Climate Forest Company. From providing carbon dense forest products to the market, to selling the rights to forest-stored carbon, to helping their clients build carbon offsetting into their supply chain (a.k.a. Carbon Insetting), the Climate Forest Company is enabling the world to take effective climate action.

This is where you, the customer, come in!

Whenever you buy a 4VIDA product, 10% of the purchase goes towards funding the 4VIDA 4REST (pronounced "forest"). This portion of your purchase is used to buy real trees, planted by the Climate Forest Company, in carbon dense areas. These trees remove carbon from the atmosphere in the process of photosynthesis and provide us with pure, clean oxygen.

4VIDA Gives

Another one of our main philosophical pillars is that wealth should not be accumulated for its own sake, but rather redistributed equitably in the spirit of Community Health. The term "economic prosperity" implied not only a certain level of wealth, but also a certain level of wealth growth. We want you to feel enabled to make a difference in your community, through the power of your dollar.

(THE PARAGRAPH BELOW COULD BE A FUTURE IDEA - it would take a lot of leg work up front, or we'd have to engage in some sort of outsourcing agreement)

That's why, 4VIDA gives back 5% of all purchases to a charity, not-for-profit organization, or farming co-operative in the home country of all our customers. If you buy from Mexico, you've funded a Mexican farmer. If you buy from Germany, you've funded a German not-for-profit. If you buy from China, you've funded a Chinese charity.

(W.R.T. the below, the 10% would be lowered to 5% if we had the above worked out)

That's why, 4VIDA gives back 10% of all purchases to a set of 3 charities that we believe are accomplishing these goals.  These organizations all have strong track records when it comes to effective use of charitable donations, impactful action, and ethics.

Here: list the names of the charities, give them their own blurb regarding what they are doing, where they operate, their stats, etc

If you feel like you'd like to support these causes as well, feel free to make a donation below.


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